• Because an LNC at a DME can put your client at ease in a stressful situation and provide you with a comprehensive report.
  • Because DME doctors are hired by insurance companies with other motives other than the welfare of your client.
  • Because after you read the DME report you asked yourself, “that can’t be right, that’s not what my client stated in the deposition…”

When you have one of our RN’s attend the DME you have an audio recording and a well-documented report of the examination. This information is vital for the attorney because when the doctor testifies, the doctor is going to say, “I was with the patient for an hour, I took 40 minutes in order to do a comprehensive physical examination.”

Without having one of our RN’s observing the exam your client may have had the experience of having an 11-minute physical exam and 4-minute comprehensive exam.

Now this is a perfect example of what could happen during the DME.


Our DME’s are all documented by:

  • Arrival to the doctor’s office
  • Time taken to exam room
  • Time the doctor came into the exam room
  • Time the doctor started his physical exam
  • Time the exam ended
  • Time all parties left the exam room
  • Time left the doctor’s office

Our professional staff are kind, courteous, and an advocate for your client.  Because we believe that kindness plays a large role in getting a fair exam for your client.

Did you know that 1 out of 100 DME’s are accurate, honest or truthful? Confirming that you are truly injured, and your case will settle?


Our staff thinks that showing professional courtesy and kindness to doctors and staff will increase your client’s chance of being that 1 out of 100 to receive a fair exam.