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Tired of sorting through records and trying to decipher complicated medical terminology for cases involving health, illness or injury? Save time and money by letting the team at Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting put years of medical training and clinical experience to work for you. Let us handle the research so you can focus on the client and other matters related to the case.

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As you are aware, a great many doctors who perform Defense Medical Examinations (DME) in personal Injury litigation are influenced by the fact that they are being paid by the defense.

Once the DME doctor has prepared a report which unfairly depicts the plaintiff’s examination, there is little that can be done to refute this. Unless you have one of Lisa Verdi’s nurse observers in attendance. In our experience, when we are politely observing the exam with audio recorder on, taking notes, the Doctor is more likely to produce a more objective report.

So why should I have a legal nurse consultant observe an exam of a defense medical exam rather than an attorney or legal assistant?

  • An attorney or legal assistant may be observing the examination but may not be aware of the testing being performed, or if it is being performed correctly, due to their lack of medical training.
  • Having a nurse observer from Lisa Verdi’s firm attend the examination, frees up the attorney or their legal assistant to enable them to be more productive by focusing their time on the legal aspects of the case.
  • A client may feel more at ease getting undressed for the exam or being partially exposed in front of the nurse observer than their attorney or legal assistant.

You would never let your client go into a court room alone so don’t let your client go to the defense medical exam without a nurse observer.

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How we make a difference for the attorney’s client

Patients overwhelmingly report that having us attend their DME made them feel much more comfortable during the doctor’s exam. We meet your client at least fifteen minutes prior to the time of the doctor’s appointment. Our legal nurse consultants identify ourselves as a registered nurse and do our best to put them at ease. Prior to this we have had a phone call conversation regarding what will take place at the appointment. We review that their attorney has selected us to be his/her representative in attending and observing the doctor’s examination and inform them that we will be audio recording the visit and will be documenting all important information. The patient is cautioned not to assume that the doctor is watching their face for expressions of pain and they are encouraged to inform the doctor verbally if any part of the examination is painful or is uncomfortable. I reassure the patient that I will be there with them before, during and after the examination.
After the examination has concluded we provide a complete and accurate report which includes the following:

  • How patient presented, time examination began, key events, narrative and time it concluded.
  • Doctor questions and patient responses along with nonverbal cues.
  • Verbal and Nonverbal indications of pain or discomfort during the examination.
  • Documentation of all persons present in exam and how they may have assisted the patient.
  • Assistive aids, gait disturbances, or other physical deficits noted in the patient.
  • Audio Recording of complete examination.

Have you ever wanted to have your own legal nurse consultant contact your client to perform and document a full merit screening before you send out the retainer fee to the expert?

Now you can! Just call Lisa Verdi’s Legal Nurse Consulting. As your representative we can put the missing pieces of the medical puzzle together. No more stress…

At Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting we can create an individualized plan for you. We understand that each case is different and can put together a plan that will meet your specific requirements.

Our team will work with you to review the case, analyze any records or relevant information in order to develop an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the claim.

 Tired of sorting through records and trying to decipher complicated medical terminology for cases involving health, illness and injury? SAVE TIME AND MONEY by letting the team at Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting put years of medical training and clinical experience to work for you. LET US HANDLE THE RESEARCH so you can focus on the client and other matters related to the case.


We provide indexed medical records in digital format compatible with normal applications and processes. We provide definitions and clarification on physician notes and claimant interviews and transcriptions.


Medical chronologies are a detailed synopsis of medical care received.  It is presented in sequential order and provides a timeline of pertinent events.  This is helpful in complex medical cases where multiple health care providers have been involved. Our chronologies include dates of service, where the information is found in the medical record, definition of medical terms and pertinent medical research, identify gaps in care, missing records, inappropriate treatment, record tampering, missing records, patient non-compliance, etc. Customized reports are available. We review Standards of Care analyzing for breach in care.

Case Summary:

We prepare a concise summary of the case in an easy to use format, cross-referenced with the medial record. The summary can include patient’s medial history, facility relevant staff members, pertinent issues and significant events, future medical needs and objective opinions.

We have found that a clear and complete fact-based summary is instrumental in a successful outcome for the attorney. We make every attempt to match the experience of the reviewing nurse to the type of case that is presented. 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Verdi on several medico-legal cases including malpractice lawsuits and car accident cases. Her expertise in evaluating/analyzing medical charts and patient medical record has been invaluable.

In addition to her superior ability to navigate through medical, surgical and chiropractic records, Ms. Verdi has an uncanny ability to translate complex medical lexicon into simple vocabulary for purposes of litigation.

I would even recommend Ms. Verdi for criminal cases where a trained eye could be useful in analyzing medical records related to criminal charges. Her fees are reasonable, and her service is excellent. A real pro.”

Jeffrey McKinnie


Legal Nurse Consultants Perform a Vital Role

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