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Legal nurse consulting is nursing services provided in a legal context for independent medical exams, review of medical records and screening malpractice cases for merit. The questions and answers below provide additional information on the services we provide. If you have a question that’s not represented here, click on the “Ask a Question” button below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

General Questions

Why should I use an LNC and not an MD?

Cost-effectiveness! Lisa Verdi’s LNCs can educate attorneys about a wide range of basic medical issues. Their experience allows them to focus on relevant and pertinent information to the case in a time efficient way. Without sacrificing analytical accuracy, saving you time and money otherwise spent on expensive medical experts.

Why do attorneys hire Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting?

We understand that every case is different, and will work with our attorneys to come up with an idealized plan to meet their specific needs. Lisa Verdi started her career as a registered nurse working in emergency medicine, home health, and geriatric care. Before starting her own firm, Lisa worked in-house for an attorney as a legal nurse consultant and learned to anticipate what the attorney would need. She and her firm can identify the pertinent medical issues to the case, screen for merit and simplify voluminous crypyic medical records.

Why should a nurse attend an Independent Medical Examination (IME) rather than a lawyer or a legal assistant?

An attorney or legal assistant may be observing the examination but may not be aware of the testing being performed, or if it is being performed correctly due to their lack of medical training. Having a nurse observer from Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting attending the examination it frees up the attorney or their assistant to engage in the aspects of the law. An attorney or their assistant who attended the IME may be considered biased. The attorney’s client may feel more at ease having a nurse consultant attend and  observe the appointment.

How are your reports beneficial to our clients' cases?

The nurses of Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting prepare an unbiased medically factual report. Attorneys have found that our reports have exposed inconsistencies with the IME doctors reports which have been useful in their cases.

How far do you travel for attendance for an IME?
Our nurses from Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting are available in our local area of Boise. We are also available to attend IMEs outside the Boise area. (Travel expenses may apply).
What is the fee charged for attendance to an IME?

IME Observers of Lisa Verdi LNC fees are competitive and are designed to save the attorney time and money and allow the attorney to focus on the legal aspects of the case. Contact us today to accompany your client to their next Independent Medical Examination.

About Our Services

In Lisa Verdi ‘s experience, attorneys succeed in handling cases with medical issues when they rely on a legal nurse consultant.

Here’s why…

  • Legal nurse consultants are able to coherently organize medical records in a consistent way. In the process of doing so, they detect errors in documentation, errors in medical procedures or protocols and medial records.
  • They notice details like missing records, gaps in charting and altered records.
  • They can look at the whole picture and focus on the parts of the case that make a difference.
  • They can wade through volumes of data to reconstruct the important information.
  • They can write concise medical summaries that the attorney can understand and be presented in court.

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