About Lisa Verdi

Lisa Verdi is owner of Lisa Verdi Legal Nurse Consulting LLC, a support service providing legal nurse consulting to attorneys who understand that each case is unique. Our firm will work with attorneys and team to create an idealized plan to meet your specific needs. She started her career as a registered nurse working in emergency medicine and then home health which gave her additional knowledge of nursing home care.

Lisa started legal nurse consulting by working in-house at a plaintiff law firm and then continued her career as an independent practitioner. She screened cases for merit, organized, reviewed, summarized and analyzed medical records on personal injury and medical malpractice. In addition to these services she provides nurse observers at IME/DME appointments. She has found this to be beneficial to attorneys so that their client is sure to get a fair exam.

Lisa says each case is like a good book, just waiting to be discovered. “It’s exciting to see it in unfold”. Looking for the missing puzzle pieces and putting it together excites her. She takes that same passion that she has for doing medical mission trips and throws herself into each case looking for what is right and true. She carries that same integrity into her work, and it shows.

What is a Defense Medical Examination?

A Defense Medical Examination involves a request for the claimant to be examined by a doctor who had not previously examined the claimant. This doctor has not provided previous treatment and is paid by the party who requested the exam. The doctor generally provides an opinion regarding the exam results in writing.

A Legal Nurse Consultant is generally contracted to provide an Independent Medical Evaluation by the opposing party, in order to have an unbiased observer who understands medical protocols and procedures present to document the Exam and provide support.

We have knowledge about the medical and health care profession, beyond that of a legal assistant.

Legal Nurse Consultants Perform a Vital Role

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