What an amazing event! This was an exceptional group of attorneys. Everyone I met was friendly but also very interested in what legal nurse consultants do. It was a great opportunity to share what my services are: DME’s, case screening, and medical record review. I found myself saying my role is to “simplify your life”.

I was an exhibitor with about 12 other vendors. There was a diverse group of legal nurse consultants to trust fund advisors. Avery did a fantastic job at coordinating this event and keeping us all in line.

The speakers and their topics were impressive. The big take a way was that each one was passionate about what they did, and you could see that when they spoke. One attorney that stood out in my opinion was Tim Walton.  I asked him why he practiced the type of law he does, and he said,” that it was important to him to have a righteous cause.”  As I had opportunity to mingle with other attorneys, I noticed they all had a similar story to tell.

Lara Bazelon, associate professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law spoke on “Gender on Trial”. I found it interesting in a mostly male dominant room she wasn’t shy about addressing this topic.  I was also blessed to attend the Women’s Caucus for a round table discussion with Lara and several other attorneys. What I noticed was a passion in that room that I couldn’t help but be excited about. These were all amazing accomplished women each encouraging one another in their field of practice.

Lisa Verdi, Legal Nurse Consultant

So, my experience at the ITLA was AWESOME!

I met great attorneys and look forward to working with them in the future. It was an exceptional group of people. An experience that educated me and taught me what attorneys may need from a legal nurse consultant.