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Our Services

Independent Medical Evaluation

Our legal nurse consultants attends your client’s Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) so that you have an unbiased observer that has the ability to document the process and provide legal interpretation.

Case Screening

Our legal nurse consultants determine the merit of a case and perform a full screening of all the relevant documents. Services can be provided by phone, video chat or in person.

Medical Record Review

Our legal nurse consultants decipher complicated medical terminology for cases involving health, illness and injury. We handle the research so that you can focus on the client and other matters related to the case.

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“Nurse Verdi’s assistance to our office as a contracted legal nurse consultant has been very helpful to our medical malpractice related practice. She has provided valuable insight in reviewing medical records for potential liability issues, as well as assessing causation.

Nurse Verdi also has the ability to draw on a wide range of contacts in the broader medical community to obtain insights into potential issues on particular cases. She is also adept at providing basic medical knowledge and understanding in terms of how things actually work on the front line, in the trenches.

As a legal nurse consultant, Nurse Verdi can also assist with potential new client intake in person or over the telephone, and is also able to communicate with potential retained expert witnesses on liability, causation, and damages issues.

Finally, Nurse Verdi is able to provide assistance in writing demand letters as to the relevant medical chronology to insurance companies on personal injury cases.”

Patrick E. Mahoney

Attorney, Boise, Idaho

Legal Nurse Consultants Perform a Vital Role

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